BioArt Workshop

BioArt WorkshopLearning neutrality is learning beyond the normal “states” of human life. By learning to “go to neutral” we calm our nervous system and can “shift into action” with success, without emotional residue which can skew our approach and our results.  Stress stays with us unless we know how to clear it.  This experience teaches you how to do that, eyes open.

This basic workshop can be accomplished for six or more persons in six hours. For your team, your family, your employees, for your students.

Goal: To make you a crystal-clear communicator who enjoys perceiving and performing in the world.  Confidence, ease, maturity, health, and creativity are the by-products of this experience.

Hours: 6H  (minimum time required for results. Workshops can be extended to three days or even more as long as this basic experience is part of the plan.)

What it is

The basic BioArt Workshop is physical awareness training which results in leaving a positive imprint in the social world.  It is the missing piece in all performance training, whether for business, the classroom or for the stage or screen.

What we work with

Human perception is sequential, a hard-wired mechanism, which life in the 21st century can drive out of continuity. Rather than ignoring it, I see this sequence as a positive limitation, one whose flow we can restore, capture access to, and easily maintain to perform a cultural action. The neural health of BioArt Workshop participants “mirrors” health to all those who view them. The implications of this approach are far-reaching, offering the result of transmissible new attainment to ourselves and others. Perceptual health maintenance is, at its root, an act of respect for your own life and can open a new chapter for you in feeling more alive. BioArt Workshop gives freshness back to you in 6H. Guided in the workshop, you can learn this easily attainable, sustainable skill.

We will use an ancient tool

The mask is a 5,000-year-old tool which I apply, not to hide your face, but to give you inner balance in behavioral aesthetics and neurological health: Surprise! They are linked! During these segments, you show yourself and prove to yourself how your own nervous system’s healthy function is a calm and confident sensation. The mask slows us down and magnifies our perception so that this slow and easy growth of self-awareness can be accomplished in the least amount of time and can be re-visited without the mask by participants in their daily lives. This reinvestment can happen easily in as few as three seconds of time.

The training gives you this access.

Tested Effective

So far, over 2,000 people have taken the BioArt Workshop in the US (San Francisco, Denver, Washington, DC, and New York), Slovenia (Ljubljana), Canada, (Cape Breton, Nova Scotia), France (Paris, Provence) and Italy (Bologna, and Forli).

Why train in this way?

Recent developments in the life sciences and the publication of numerous articles relating to epigenetics and the perceptual nervous system link this art-and-science approach with benefits to society-at-large and self-development in particular, as well as providing a boost to the careers of communicators in all walks of life. I hope that you can schedule a small group experience, to give yourself the gift of restored, clarified perception. You owe it to yourself, your family, and to all those in your communication circles.

Kind regards,

Madeleine Barchevska

Madeleine Barchevska
Founding Director, BioArt Theatre Laboratories, Inc

Credibility Logos

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