BioArt Teacher Training

The physical art of pedagogy.

Give a whole, health-giving, perceptual foundation to your students through your own presence in the classroom:

  • increase the power of your command of delivery, gracefully
  • minimize fatigue and stress through the BioArt approach to presence and delivery
  • learn to perceive your class on a new level, for teaching ease
  • master your own effective repertoire of pedagogical signals

Complementary to the acquisition of pedagogical methods and subject-area knowledge that prepare today’s teachers for the classroom, BioArt training imparts to teachers an awareness of the performance organic intelligence aspect that underlies the practice of sustainable quality teaching.

Our 6H workshop program gives teachers the practical keys to immediate implementation of the BioArt approach to communication.

BioArt training makes teachers perceptually whole and aware of their behavior in front of the audience of a classroom which underlays any content.  You can learn to perceive and communicate more effectively with less effort by learning the keys to the underlying performer-audience dynamic, technically, as actors do. The positive added-value of our training realigns teachers’ nervous systems to manage the stress of daily performance, without switching to the damaging overdose of adrenaline fight-or-flight circuitry that frays nerves and diminishes teachers’ effectiveness and stamina.

BioArt training is not about teaching content and lesson plans. You will learn a “how-to” approach to sharing your presence at work in an expanded and graceful system of behavioral choices.

We travel to the US twice yearly for seminars and workshops on the East Coast.

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